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System Building

Do you have a dream machine you want to build, but were afraid to try and didn't know where to start? Do "off the shelf" machines not meet your corporate specifications or Home Gaming needs? I can help. I have built many systems for small business over the years. I do System building to your specifications for gaming or business computers.

Having had years of experience working for a small computer manufacturer in Gaithersburg, MD I know what it takes to be an OEM. Let me put that experience to work for you and build something that is right for you.

Let me make your "Gaming Rig" a reality. Don't be afraid of gaming or business benchmarks! Meet them!

Does your OEM handle these details?:

Insulators on every motherboard standoff? (All my jobs use insulators. No more motherboard shorts.)

power supplies sized correctly for all your expected components? ..especially your video card(s)?

Quality power supplies. (I use Corsair™, Antec™ and other name brands.)

cases that are built to last and have the functionality for your application. (I use Antec™)

motherboards built to last (I use Asus™, Tyan™ and Gigabyte™)

memory (I use quality brands tested by the motherboard manufacturer for guaranteed compatibility and stability)

CPU (I use Intel™ for maximum performance and software compatibility)

Heat Sink (I use the best thermal solution for you expected needs. You need not settle for a stock cooling one size fits all solutions.)

three quater view lanboy yellowexploded view lanboy yellow

Having served as a tester for a computer manufacturer, I have the experience to put together a package that meets your needs, specifications and budget. Send me your specifications and benchmarks, I would be happy to discuss your project. Don't settle for someone else's bundle. Don't make compromises on your performance. Don't give up on that package you bought at the computer show. I can lead the way for you.

Have consistency in your corporate PCs. Let me find you something that will be produced for a long time. Simplify the upkeep of your corporate fleet.

Watch my Blog, Kerry's Corner. We will be reviewing and building systems from time to time. Follow along and see the progress. Don't miss the tips and pointers.


I am a system builder since 1982 and have worked for an OEM Manufacturer of computers. I can build you what I know will do the job that will last! Contact me and see what I can do to make your dream equipment a reality!