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Frequently Asked Questions

Q) What is it going to cost?

A) Depends on class of service and the project. Please call, e-mail or submit a quote request for more exact pricing.

Price Ranges:

Typically computer repair estimates are $50 (credited to the project if approved).

Consultation Travel at 50 cents per mile in addition to other fees.

* Discounts are given for referrals and blocks of time scheduled and paid in advance.

Flat rates available for projects as well. Inquire today!

Computer Repair Work:

Senior hourly rates as low as $16

Individual hourly rates as low as $32

Corporate hourly rates as low as $58

minimum charge repair work $50

Graphic Work:

from $160 (excludes press charges)


from $525 (basic 5page site)

Q) Where are you located?

A) Burtonsville, MD between Baltimore, MD & Washington, DC near Laurel, MD.

Q) What is your service area?

A) Basically the Baltimore - Washington Metropolitan area from the Baltimore line to the DC line. But we are open to travel at 50 cents per mile.

Q) What do you service?

A) Primarily PCs running Microsoft software. Although we have experience with MAC and other software.

Q) What is your background?

A) I hold degrees in both Electrical and Computer Engineering with over twenty years experience in the PC industry. References provided upon request.

Q) What are your terms?

A) Cash or check is preferred in advance unless other arrangements are made in advance. Pay Pal and credit cards can be accepted via our Quote/Hire button on-line.


This is just a guide and sampling of the many services I offer. Call, e-mail or submit a request for quotation today and be on your way to a solution that is right for you!