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Database Specialties

I can write a solution for you in Access®, Excel® or the "off-the-shelf" package of your choice. My experience includes report writing in Crystal 10.X and 2008 for which I earned a certificate from Sage. I have had training in College in database design. Databases are in use everywhere today. Not only in business directly, but they also drive dynamic websites which can be written with PHP and MySQL. Such a website changes its content based on interaction with the viewer. Let me put my experience to work for you in your business with better user experience on the website or with better business intelligence making informed, fact based decisions.

Example Database- I created an MS-Access database for a small manufacturing company in Linthicum, MD. My database design held the design specifications for more than 15,000 product designs, produced all the required paper work to generate the "Work-Tickets", Bill of Materials and interfaced with the automated production equipment that produced the products by producing a disk that could drive the machine that produced the goods. My database design took the place of an "off-the-shelf" ERP package "add-on" that would have cost the company around $50,000 to implement and my design was only a small fraction of the price, only the cost of Access plus my labor.

I also have programming knowledge and can program in Visual Basic, C, C++, Fortran to name a few of the languages I can use to write programs. Do you have a database design project that could benefit from my experience?

As stated above I can also put this knowledge to work for you in the creation of your website. Databases are behind the scenes in many of your favorite websites and work in conjunction with PHP and MySQL. Your website need not be static (Always displaying the same content). Let me design the tables of your database and provide you with a "dynamic" website. (One that will show them the products and services of their choice. Customers can't buy what they can't see or don't know that you sell!)

Reporting- As stated above, do you wish you had better Business Intelligence? I have experience writing Crystal reports and wrote many Crystal reports for a small manufacturer in Linthicum, MD. These reports help them shape freight policies so they were fair to all customers and reflected the actual costs to get the manufactured goods all over the country. Get the most out of your investment. Make better decisions in real-time based on the facts. Don't wonder at what your costs are and if you are making money.


Business today more than ever demands decision making based on fact and customers can't buy what they don't see. Put the power of having a database to work in your business today.

Contact me today and discuss your dream!