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Device Setup

Do you have some new "toys" (i.e. smart phones, PDA etc.) and need help to set your wireless device up?
Call me I can help

I can get your BlackBerry™, iPhone™, etc. receiving your e-mail and put it on the road for you. Get your wireless device on your wireless network, I can handle your wireless Nook™, Kindle™, tablet etc.. Let me save you from the frustration.

Do you need that PC you got as a gift set up. I can transfer the data from your old one. Don't lose your valuable data and give up on your software investment and simply start over and toss that old machine. I can handle the whole process for you from start to finish, even dispose of the old equipment for you. Get youself off on the right foot. Let me develop a back up program for you and put maintenance procedures in place so you won't lose your valuable data and the new machine won't end up like your old one. Lack of maintenance of systems is the number one cause of premature death of PC systems. Don't be a victim, take action. Let me be your guide.

Want to keep the old system going. I can handle that too. I can breathe new life into your old machine. Maintenance and up keep are the key. Let me show you what it takes to keep your PC running like new.

Need a home network? No problem. I can get your PC, printers, scanners, etc. hooked up and talking to each other. Have what the "Big Boys" have so you can compete or get something done around the home. Need a business network? I have that covered as well.

Are you a business? Need help with an upgrade of equipment? No problem. Moves, changes, swaps; I done it all before. Moved and need to be re-set up? I can do the job for you. I am not a big high tech firm that could over look your details. I am small enough to care and give you the personal attention you deserve and I have the experience to handle your needs.


K.E.G. Solutions has extensive experience handling all sorts of technical equipment. No matter if you are talking about a few pieces or a complex network of devices I can make it happen for you! Call, e-mail or send a quote request today! No job too small or too big.

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